When an economy tightens, many are forced to make difficult financial decisions regarding their personal or corporate finances. Bankruptcy is a viable solution that allows you to become free from the stresses and emotional burdens from unexpected changes to your ability to repay certain obligations. The bankruptcy attorneys at The Law Offices of Edwards & Johnson, LLC, can help you declare bankruptcy to rebuild your life or your company.

It is important to handle such matters with an attorney who has substantive legal knowledge and hands-on personal experience with finances. Attorney John C. Edwards once worked for an investment banking firm on Wall Street and understands the impact that today's financial decisions will have on tomorrow. His partner, B. Glen Johnson, has successfully negotiated prebankruptcy repayment plans out of court, thereby helping creditors to maximize recovery while allowing debtors to repay debts without having to file for bankruptcy. Our attorneys provide streamlined settlement services at cost-effective legal rates.

Helping You Regain Control

As bills pile up and creditors continue to call, it can seem as if your life is out of control. You don't have to live in constant fear of repossession or foreclosure. We can review your finances and recommend the best course of action for you without judgment of any kind. Whether you need to wipe out your debts by filing Chapter 7 or coordinate a repayment plan for your small business through Chapter 13, we can help.

Our lawyers can provide debt relief if you are facing:

  • Creditor harassment
  • Wage garnishment
  • Vehicle repossession
  • Home foreclosure
  • Creditor lawsuit

Take The First Step Toward Financial Freedom

You have the power to end the financial stress. Take the first step with a free consultation. To schedule your no-cost appointment at our Canton office, email us or call 770-628-1100.

We offer affordable rates, flexible hours and unparalleled customer service. Our attorneys and staff truly care about what happens to you and your business or personal finances.